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A top-class car of course deserves top treatment. Maasdijk Automotive offers a number of services to get and keep a car in mint condition!


Car Detailing

Nothing as annoying as scratches or other imperfections in your paintwork. Fortunately, we can deal with them! To make a car shine as if it has just come off the production line again, we offer Car Detailing. The car will be professionally polished until it shines like new again. Not just the exterior but also the interior will be brought to like-new condition!

Ceramic coating

To protect a just-polished car better than ever, we offer ceramic coating. This is an extra hard layer on top of the car's blank lacquer. This layer protects the car from scratches but also contains hydrophobic chemicals that make the car water- and dirt-resistant. An extra effect is an ultra-deep gloss. 


Paint Protection Film 

A Paint Protection Film, also called PPF, is a 100% transparent film that protects the lacquer from damages such as stone chips and deep scratches. Because the PPF is invisible and self-restoring, the paint surface will stay as new, even after years of use. 

A common choice is the so-called Full Front PPF, which protects all stone chip sensitive parts of the car. So the front bumper, bonnet, headlights, side screens, mirrors and optionally the A-pillar. The car can also be protected by a Full Car PPF. In this case, the entire car is wrapped and you can be absolutely confident that nothing will harm your car underneath that film.


Car wrapping

A quick metamorphosis of a car in any colour and style, as well as strong protection against damage and discolouration. That is what car wrapping offers. The many foil colours are a great addition to the standard colour range of car manufacturers. Popular is also dechroming: all chromed parts are wrapped with black film, giving the car a sporty look. Wrap film is easy to replace or remove and leaves no damage.

Car wrapping

Window tinting

Do you want a little more privacy or keep the heat out? Tinting windows with foil also reduces interior discolouration. An excellent investment, therefore, that immediately adds some extra appeal to the car. 


Transportation service

With our closed trailer, we can pick up your car from home or work and bring it to our workshop and return it later on. This way, we transport your car discreetly and with no unnecessary mileage. Our trailer is also available for moving your car to any location elsewhere.

Auto trailer

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